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Zultec Group

Since its inception in 1984, Zultec Group has grown to become a multinational conglomerate enterprise operating out of 23 business destinations throughout Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, United Kingdom and Canada. With over a quarter of a century’s experience under our belt and a growing family of over 400 dedicated professionals, we have pushed forward to become one of the leading companies offering comprehensive industrial and retail trade solutions.

Through our multi channeled solution oriented approach, Zultec Group offers vast coverage of industrial and retail supplies and manufacturing; food processing facilities; state of the art label generation to supplement marketing and sales; engineering and software solutions; and tracking and fleet management.

Our integrated business ideas enable a fluid transition of your product from the assembly line into the consumers’ hands. Empowering our clients to fluently promote their brands, with Zultec Group you can have the ease of mind that your product reaches its target market unscrupulously.

With an international network of highly skilled professionals enabled by our innovative Research and Development faction, our cutting edge manufacturing facilities provide the way forward for our clients. Expanding our reach through three continents, our astute alliances with leading global brands assure that you have the best minds working for your benefit. Realizing our corporate duty by encouraging sustainable development, Zultec Group promotes prosperity with responsibility to help create a better future for everyone.

CEO Message

At Zultec Group, we have always believed that our clients come first. This is why we put great emphasis on providing quality services to our customers along with our comprehensive product lines. We have aim to distinguish ourselves from others by focusing on giving the most benefit through acuminating our services as well as our products.

In line with these aspirations and with your continued patronage, Zultec Group has grown into a multifaceted international identity that has delivered quality and excellence in the manufacture and marketing of retail and trade solutions for nearly three decades. Enriched with years of experience, we have strived to perfect our services in the details of trade manufacturing assembly lines, logistics and engineering solutions.

Bridging cultural and geographical divides, our dedicated teams bring a broader perspective to the table which helps us in satisfying our clientele every time they enjoy the Zultec Group’s experience. From pre-sales consultancy to post-sales technical assistance, our in depth understanding of cultural and social variety in a myriad of geopolitical locations enables us to function responsibly. Our members endeavor to bring you the best support, training, and warranty coverage that you want. Our client-centric services are designed to exalt your businesses to thrive with us. Welcome to Zultec Group, welcome to growth.


At Zultec Group our first priority is the customer hence our core values and long term vision revolve around our patrons. We seek to empower you through a sustainable partnership devised especially to strengthen this relationship.

Providing quality services and optimal technical support has been the mainstay of Zultec Group’s vision and this is made possible only by engendering top of the line products and providing unsurpassable quality. Hand in hand with your progress, we envision continued growth at Zultec Group to guarantee our name in the industry as the leading provider of absolute retail and industrial solutions.

We adhere to the principles of ensuring uniform quality, maintaining a high performance level from our teams, and garnering satisfaction from our customers.

Our Mission

Zultec Group’s mission is to establish itself as a formidable presence in the arena of standardized food processing and product packaging - encompassing all aspects of weighing, marking, labeling, auto ID and barcoding. Branching off into logistics and providing engineering and software solutions, we aim to expand Zultec Group into an integrated manufacturer and marketing giant.

Business Philosophy

Providing world’s best brands with value added services and optimal technical support has been the mainstay of ZULTEC Group’s vision and this is made possible only by engendering top of the line products and providing unsurpassable quality

Our Strength

  • +500
  • +60
    Service Engineers
  • +23
    Sales & Support Centers
  • +5000
    Satisfied Clients

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