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Zulsoft specializes in providing solutions to various industry sectors that helps in improving their efficiency by utilizing barcoding, RFID and biometric solutions.

Our understanding of industry processes and our experience in this arena has resulted in an application platform that assists our customers to attain operational efficiency by minimizing redundancy and waste while leveraging the resources that contribute most to their success and utilizing the best of their workforce.

The scalability of our applications makes them fit in small standalone environments as well as complex scenarios facilitating input to all leading ERP’s.

Zulsoft – Customized Application Platform

The ZULTEC Group’s application platform provides as a common architecture for both custom and configurable applications. It includes browser based application or mobile client and server based applications.

Our expertise in understanding of various operational processes and having a ready platform to build quality applications through:

  • Quicker development
  • Fast rollout
  • Easy on Budget
  • Ready for future expansions (modular structure)

Time and attandence Systems

ZulTime™, a fully automated time collection system, eliminates the tremendous waste associated with manual employee time collection and processing by providing streamlined and efficient clocking, validation, and authorization routines. What would take hours, if not days, can be handled quickly and accurately in a fraction of the time. By automating your time and attendance, ZulTime™ gives your company a tremendous efficiency boost, and its reporting capabilities lets you make better-informed decisions about your workforce and help you keep close watch on scheduling, night shifts, rotating shifts, overtime, absenteeism and tardiness.

ZulTime™ reduces time collection to the swipe of a card, a few computer strokes,and a slide of your finger or hand. Use ZulTime™ to keep track of employees’ worked hours and non-worked hours such as vacation, sick and personal days. One time and attendance system handles all your employees!

ZulTime Zultime

Assets Management System

ZulAssets™ empowers the asset management team of organizations that operate a large number of fixed and mobile assets over multiple locations and departments using convenient, powerful and easy-to-use mobile handheld devices regardless of the type of asset they are managing (i.e. IT, hardware equipment, medical supplies, furniture, vehicles etc.). The net result is enterprise asset tracking system stays current and up to date with a minimal investment in time and expense.

ZulAssets™ cuts the drudgery and cost of physical inventories, ensuring that all assets are adequately maintained, and maximizes asset’s valuation for depreciation deductions.

Using the latest state-of-the-art-barcode & RFID technology, you'll be enabled to take accurate physical inventories quickly, get increased control on your fixed asset placements and have access to reliable information for planning new fixed assets investments. Data is quickly and efficiently reconciled – giving you unprecedented control of your entire company's fixed assets.


ZULTEC Warehouse Management System

ZWMS™ is a warehouse operations management system designed to streamline all warehouse processes from backend / middleware data management to enhancing efficiency and focus of the mobile workforce via mobile computer and utilizing barcoding, RFID technology over LAN/WAN setups.

ZWMS automates historically manual processes like physical goods receiving, cross docking, putting or placements, directed pickups, replenishment, dispatches and physical inventory.

The scalable nature of the application lets it fit in any environment from small to large industries. Special retail features like shelf price verification and label reproduction adds up to create a unique cross industry solution.

Helping to raise distribution businesses to the next level in performance and competitiveness, ZWMS™ can optimize operations by dramatically increasing efficiency, improving accuracy, and enhancing customer service.


ZULTEC Distribution Management System

Like the ZWMS covers every aspect of the operation within physical premises of a warehouse, ZDMS covers of all delivery operations outside the physical premises of a warehouse.

ZDMS covers all distribution environments requirements from item requests between entities, planning deliveries, assigning deliveries to vehicles and managing the movement of these vehicles between warehouses and customers.

With checks at every good’s handling point of a distribution environment, ZDMS ensures that the item loss whether physical or monetary is a bare minimum. It also saves time and extra costs of distribution companies that occur due to wrong route assignment to deliveries.


ZULTEC Route Accounting / Van Sales System

Zulroute is a distinctive route accounting automation process that amalgamates warehousing, sales and finance function in one place i.e. the sales/delivery van.

Zulroute facilitates the sales department by helping them create routes easily, plan the route activities, assign sales persons to the routes, track movements of the sales persons/vans through the assigned routes, plan van loads on historical figures up to analyzing performances and creating prices

Zulroute simultaneously tracks the goods movement from the time of request generation from sales to issuance of goods from warehouse, movements at customer locations in terms of sales invoicing and delivery.

In short Zulroute ensures optimization of every sales visit, tremendously reduces errors while providing effective MIS reports.


Point of Sale Solutions

Retailing is an operation that can get extremely complex if not assisted by right set of tools. With Zulmart, we are serving this industry to maximum functionality with simplicity of use. It is a best fit for small to medium sized retailers looking to automate their processes.


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